Paying Eurovignettes has never been easier.

Trucks with a minimum total weight of twelve metric tonnes are required to have a registered E-vignette on motorways in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark and Sweden. The Eurovignette is your digital proof of payment of road tax in Eurovignette Countries. Multi Service Tolls is an authorized dealer for Eurovignettes.

  • Quickly arrange your Eurovgnette in MyTolls: In only a few clicks you can order your vignette up to 4 days ahead.
  • Automatic renewal: Never worry about renewing your annual vignettes.
  • Custom Reports: Reports for all expenses; divided by truck, period and/or by country.
  • Flexibility: The Multi Service Toll Card can support an accidental purchase of Eurovignette.
  • Manage your orders fast and easy with MyTolls.
  • Avoid financial burdens with new split payment solution.

Experience the advantages of MyTollsMulti Service Tolls card for Split Payments for Eurovignettes.

Split Payment Solution
Multi Service Tolls is now the first, and only, eurovignette provider to offer customers the opportunity to split their payments into 10 periods, preserving a healthy cash flow and working capital.

To prequalify for this offer, call us at
+31 70 3199 000.

“The split payment allows us to avoid liquidity pressure. In short, excellent service!”

Klein Transport Groep
“Consistent cost allocation throughout the year with no high expense peak.”

“As a customer, we are even more in the “driver’s seat” regarding our order of Eurovignettes.”

Van der Wal Transport B.V.
“Easy to check, monthly fee and less capital fee at the beginning of the year.”

Oegema Transport Dedemsvaart B.V.


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