Multi Service Toll Box Support

Multi Service Toll Box Support

The Multi Service Toll Box can be used in four countries. Using this OBU grants you various discounts. It can be ordered through MyTolls. You will need to fill out several documents for registration.

Post-Pay with the Multi Service Toll Box

  • Registration: No contract with the toll agency is needed. You only need to fill out the details on the order screen in MyTolls.
  • You can switch the Multi Service  Toll Box between trucks.
  • This OBU works with GPS localization, which reduces the amount of wrong transactions compared to the ViAxxes.
  • A monthly rental fee will be charged, provided through your Multi Service Tolls invoice.

Le Multi Service Toll Box doit être retourné dans les 4 mois après la date du bloquage. Des frais de non-retour de 170€ seront chargés si cette période n’est pas respecté. En cas de renvoyer un boîtier endommagé, 70€ seront chargés.

Prepare your account and Update your Multi Service Toll Box so you will be ready for Belgium Toll

Prepare Multi Service Toll Box for Use in Belgium

Reminder: Prepare Multi Service Toll Box for Use in Belgium For a smooth transition, verify in MyTolls that:

-The correct vehicle data has been entered
– The vehicle papers have been uploaded
– The vehicle data and vehicle papers match exactly
-The ‘legal address’ is correct (consult MyTolls under ‘Account’) The VAT number is correct (see your invoice)

According our supplier, 20% of the OBUs need to be updated for Belgium Toll.
Please note: A green light or notification on the Multi Service Toll Box regarding the Belgium Toll does NOT mean that your toll charge has been recorded in Belgium.

Update Your Multi Service Toll Box so You Will Be Ready for Belgium Toll

Please download the instructions and upgrade your Multi Service Toll Box.
Be sure you make use of « Firmware version 03.00.19
Click on the « OK » (V) button to enter the menu, and select « OBU Status »
step 1

Select the submenu « SW Version »

step 2

The second row (« FW ») shows the current firmware (here FW 3.0.19)

step 3

If this does not work, it may be that the SIM card is blocked because the GPS has not been activated for awhile. In this case, you should send an email with the subject line: Activate your SIM Card.
Please include in the email:
Customer ID / OBU number(s) / License plate(s)

We will request Axxes to unblock the SIM. After confirmation from us, you will still need to activate and upgrade the OBU.
Note: If the box works in France, Spain, Portugal and Liefkenshoektunnel, that doesn’t mean that the GPS works (which is required for Belgium) as the existing countries do not use GPS for transaction registration.


Want to know the Belgium Toll prices?BMap

  1. Go to bmap
  2. Enter the place of departure and arrival (in Belgium)
  3. Choose the gross vehicle weight and the Euronorm


  • Switching your Multi Service Toll Box to another truck can be done by sending an email with the license plate numbers to You will need to change axles in the Multi Service Toll Box yourself. This is only possible if your Multi Service Toll Box is installed correctly.
  • To avoid additional costs, return the Multi Service Toll Box in good condition (see downloads).
  • Paying with fleet or fuel cards in France becomes more and more rare, and no discounts are applicable.

More information about the prices and maps can be found here.