Frejus-cardFréjus card news

Our supplier of the Fréjus Card has decided the card will no longer expire.

Do you have a card with an expiration date of 31.12.2014?
Your card will remain valid after the expiration date, so you can continue to use the card without taking any action.

The new Fréjus cards have no expiration date.


Maintenance work on the Fréjus Tunnel

The Fréjus Tunnel has scheduled maintenance work on various dates, with most work done at night.


Click here to download the list of all dates.

viaboxViaTOLL rules concerning electronic toll


The Polish government has imposed new rules for the  electronic toll which will require stricter compliance.

Keep your registration up-to-date in order to avoid fines of 175 euros.

Click here for the official notice from viaTOLL.


RAlpin maintenance work


Currently there is maintenance work taking place on the route to and from Novara.

Maintenance lasts until January 30, 2015, and the delay will be about 180 minutes.

Click here for the official notice from RAlpin.

New: Pay HGV Levy with the Multi Service Tolls Card & Win!


Use Multi Service Tolls to Pay the HGV Levy and Win Prizes! 


click here for more information

toll ratesToll Rates For 2015

Below are the new toll rates that have been announced for 2015. Click the links below to download the information.


Tollroad companies that have not announced rate changes are not listed. Any additional toll rate changes will be included in future newsletters.

serviceChanges in blocking procedure for BroBizz, VIAcard and Telepass

As a result of an operational change by our suppliers, the blocking procedure of a BroBizz/Telepass (OBU) or VIAcard has changed.

We can only block these items after receiving the physical products.

Send these products to:

Multi Service Tolls

PO Box 1217

2280 CE Rijswijk

 Once we have received the products, we will contact the supplier on your behalf and make sure they are properly blocked.

Products lost or stolen? Here’s what you do:

  • BroBizz
  • Send an email to with the subject “Theft/Loss BroBizz.” We will block the box by return. Note: there is a fee of 200 DKK (about 25 euros) levied by our supplier for this process.
  • VIAcard/Telepass
  • To block a lost or stolen VIAcard or Telepass, you must fill out the attached document and sign it (2x) along with a copy of your ID. Please email that information to with the subject “Theft/Loss VIAcard/Telepass.” On the form, we will add the VIAcard Contract number for you.

Once the OBU or Card is blocked, you will receive confirmation via email.

Orders and registration changes
Orders and registration changes for the above products can be changed through our website.

Brobizz1Beginning January 1, 2015, each truck will require an on board unit while driving on Norwegian motorways.The government of Norway has stated that the fine is € 953 (8000 NOK) if a truck does not have an OBU.

NOTE: You can change the OBU for a truck but this must be done at least 48 hours in advance and be communicated to us. If you often change your OBU’s, then our advice is to supply each truck with an individual OBU. The risk of a fine does not outweigh the cost of one OBU, which costs € 5 per year.

Multi Service Tolls ensures the best possible toll payment solution in Norway!
Multi Service Tolls can offer you the Brobizz box.The Brobizz box allows you to pay for various bridges, such as the Storebælt en Øresund Bridge along with all Norwegian toll roads.

Do you want to learn more about the Brobizz box and our discounts? Fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible

s300_Dart-charge960x640Following our previous news, here is some additional information. Click here for the previous update about the Dart Charge.

  1. From now on, it is no longer possible to pay with the Dart Tag or cash / credit card at the toll booths.
  2. You can create an online account ( You must register all trucks in this system. If a truck is using the Dartford Crossing the amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

Premid1Don’t forget to re-register your EEV and Euro 6 trucks that drive in the Czech Republic.
What should you do?

  1. (re-)registration with registration certificate and send it to Multi Service Tolls.
  2. Go to a contact- or distribution point  to change your OBU.


Click here for more information regarding re-registering your OBU in the Czech Republic.

Avoid overpaying. Make sure your trucks are correctly registered!

Italy-smThe bonus in Italy for 2012 which is usually paid around this time of year, has not yet been finalized and will be delayed due to the Italian government calculating an additional bonus for 2011.

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