Belgium toll postponed till April 2016 

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Belgium toll will not start until April 2016

According to several transport news agencies, the Belgium toll will be postponed until April 2016.

Payment of the Belgium toll will be done by OBU’s connected with a Multi Service Tolls Card.
The toll will be billed post-pay.

We will communicate with you as soon as possible about when to register and order your OBU’s.


What to do?

  • Click on the link
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • Wait for news & updates by Multi Service Tolls.

HUGO HungaryUse of Road Tickets
The route ticket only entitles its owner to road use after the payment.
A purchased and paid route ticket guarantees road use authorization only for the planned route, in one direction and for one journey only.

Use of an OBU
If the toll is paid with the help of an on-board unit, always check before the journey, whether the on-board unit works appropriately, and whether a sufficient amount is available on the balance before the journey.

Why is this so important?
In the autumn period more intensive inspections can be expected regarding road use authorization and unauthorized road use will be sanctioned with an administrative fine between € 267 and € 551. Which can be imposed again after every 8 hours.
When indicating your country code, please make sure you select the country code that appears on your cargo vehicle’s license plate.

France-SMNews and tips for French toll

Lots of different news and tips for French toll

1. Extended toll network in France
An new toll section of the A150 motorway is added to the toll network.
Download the PDF file for more information about the prices, exact location and discounts.

2. Information longest route fare
In order to avoid paying the longest route fare called “tariff le plus cher”  (TLPC), it is important to take into account the maximum authorized stay on the French Motorways. In the image you can see that this differs per provider.

3. Enjoy the benefits of the Multi Toll Box!
Be permanently plugged in because:Multi Toll Box2

  • Automatic corrections of paying the longest route fare / tariff le plus cher are only possible if the box is always plugged in.
  • Change the Multi Toll Box to another vehicle and change vehicle data in a wink of an eye.

Download the instruction for using the Multi Toll Box the right way.


slovenian-3Slovenia Toll Update

New ABC tags are not available anymore.
Our Slovenian toll supplier has informed us that it is not possible at the moment to order new ABC tags. It is unknown when the ABC tags will be  available again.

What should you do?
If you planned to order new ABC tags we advise you to order the DARS cards instead. This can easily be done with the Multi Service Tolls Card.

I have ABC tags, can I still use those?
Yes the existing ABC tags can be used as before, nothing has changed.

Belgium toll is coming
Belgium toll
We get many questions from our customers about the upcoming Belgium toll. We are pleased to already share some information with you.
Of course we will keep you updated about the latest developments of Belgian toll.

When does the Belgium Tolls starts?
The start is planned from the beginning of 2016.

Which trucks have to pay tolls?
Any trucks over 3,5 tonnes have to pay tolls.

What kind of system will be used?
A satellite technology system will be developed for distance based tolls including OBUs.

What kind of OBU will be available?
Both prepaid and postpaid OBUs will be available which will be connected with the Multi Service Tolls Card.

Which factors will be of influence of the tolls rates charged?
3 factors are of influence: the total permissible weight, EURO emission class, and road category.

Do I still have to pay for Eurovignettes at the moment
the Belgium Tolls starts?

Not for Belgium anymore from the moment the Belgium toll officially starts.
But if you have to drive in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and/or Luxembourg you still have to.

More information can be found on the new website of the Belgium toll authority Viapass


HGV Levy: Change payment method and refund account

How do I change my payment method to the Multi Service Tolls card?

It’s very easy! Go to the ‘Payments’ section and click the ‘Payment cards’ option. Search for the fuel card you want to remove, and then simply click ‘Remove’. Just select for the Multi Service Tolls Card.

How do I get a refund for my prepayment account?

If you have set-up a prepay account, you can request a refund.

The information listed below needs to be in the letter on company letterhead:

  • Signed by an authorized signatory and send to (download the form to fill out here)
    • Full Company Name and Address
    • Bank Name and Address
    • IBAN Number
    • SWIFT/BIC Code

Reference for Refund (if the customer requires HGV to quote a specific reference) – Please note that if the refund is to be paid via a bank transfer, there will be a £15 charge related to it.


Great St Bernard Tunnel price changes


Price changes
Following the recent abandonment by the Swiss National Bank, the Swiss Franc has strengthened considerably against the euro. From the 5th of February, new rates became effective.

prices mont blanc tunnel

What is the best possible toll payment solution for the Great St Bernard Tunnel?
That is, of course, the Multi Service Tolls Card with which you can enjoy the benefits of high discounts.

RalpinSwitzerland too expensive? Use RoLA! 

We offer RoLa / train Services in combination with the Multi Service Tolls Card.

The latest prices (March 2015) can be downloadedhere.

Want to know more? Fill in the contact form and we will contact you!

abgasplaketteAdditional Road Tax in Austria

Thanks to some valuable questions from some of our customers we have additional information about the “Abgasplakette”:

Online orders how does it work?
Ordering with the ÖAMTC seems to be more difficult than stated in our previous message. The best way to order is to send an email to: or call +43 (0)810 120 120. You can also order them at: (German only) (German and English)

Note: Unfortunately we cannot offer any services for the Abgasplakette! For additional questions, please contact one of the mentioned organizations.

Which trucks need to have an Abgasplakette?
Both trucks and buses over 3,5 tonnes need an Abgasplakette.

If you missed the last newsletter use this link and you will find the right information!

Multi Toll Box2French Toll Application Made Easier!

Our French toll supplier has made some application changes!


For the Multi Toll Box  the following are no longer required:

  • A Mandate (Axxes contract)
  • The Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Renaming files

This will make the registration a lot easier. We still need the truck registration papers (and proof of Euro classification, if applicable).

Dart Crossing News


Trucks get in lane at the Dartford Crossing or get fined

On-the-spot fines are starting to be issued to goods vehicle drivers who are in the wrong lane as they approach the Dartford Tunnel in Kent. Officers from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have just begun to enforce the rules now that the new payment system, Dart Charge, is in operation.


Different height restrictions 

Due to the different height restrictions of the tunnels (4.8m for the west tunnel and 5m for the east tunnel), goods vehicles over 4.8m but less than 5m must be in lanes 3 or 4 (the right hand lanes) in order for them to use the east tunnel. Vehicles 4.8m or lower may use any lane and go through either tunnel. Anything over 5m needs to find a different route.

A282 Northbound Gantry Height Signage (2)

Vehicles in the wrong lane are being stopped and sent back to Junction 1b, to re-approach the Dartford Crossing in the correct lane. This is delaying their journey, and it’s also holding up the traffic behind the vehicle. Currently, over 30 goods vehicles are being turned back, every week day on average.

More information can be downloaded here.